The benefits of solar panels for RVs

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Solar panels are a great way to improve the energy supply of RVs. It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that reduces dependence on power connections.

Saving money in the long run

Solar panels are also an excellent way to save money in the long run because they reduce the need for expensive fuels and generators.

Factors to consider when buying solar panels

When looking for solar panels for your RV, there are several factors to consider. The number of solar panels you need depends on your RV’s power consumption and the number of hours of sunshine per day. On average, a camper consumes about 450 to 550 Wh per day. So to determine how many solar panels you need, you must first calculate how much power you need per day….

Types of solar panels available for RVs

There are several types of solar panels available for RVs, including glass panels, semi-flexible panels and flexible panels. Glass panels are the most commonly used model of solar panel for RVs. They yield an average efficiency of about 19 to 21 percent, making them much more efficient than the (semi-)flexible solar panels. Semi-flexible panels are suitable for RVs with curved roofs, while flexible panels are ideal for RVs with flat roofs.

Benefits of installing solar panels on your RV

It is important to remember that installing solar panels on your RV is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. Solar panels can extend the life of your RV’s battery and reduce the need for expensive fuels and generators. Moreover, it offers the freedom to camp wherever you want without depending on power outlets.

Where can you buy solar panels?

If you are looking for solar panels for your RV, you can buy them from various online stores or from specialized camping equipment stores. The price of solar panels varies depending on the type of panel and its size. Consider hiring a professional installer to ensure the panels are installed correctly and perform optimally.

Mobile solar panels for the motorhome

Mobile solar panels are a great way to improve the energy supply of RVs. They are portable, lightweight and universally applicable. An example of such a mobile solar panel is the Mobisun Pro Air. This portable solar panel weighs only 3.6 kg and is capable of powering devices up to 300W, such as laptops, coolers and complete sound systems. The solar panel is also suitable for charging other battery systems, such as batteries of drills, lawnmowers and electric bikes.

Mobisun Pro Air: flexible power supply for the motorhome

The Mobisun Pro Air features LiFePO4 battery technology (148 Wh) that is very long lasting. In about 7 solar hours, the integrated battery of the 29W solar panel can be fully charged. The solar panel is splash-proof and in addition to a power outlet, it also features a 12V car plug output and two USB outputs. In addition, the solar panel can be charged via a separate 16 ~ 25V DC (2 pin GX16) with other 60W or 100W Mobisun Solar panels, which can increase the charging capacity. When there is no sun for a while, the solar panel batteries can also be charged from the mains.

The benefits of mobile solar panels for RVs

Using mobile solar panels offers several advantages over traditional fixed solar panels installed on RVs. For example, mobile solar panels are more flexible in use because they can be used immediately and without installation. So they are independent of the vehicle and can be used in the RV, by the car or even in the garden shed. Moreover, they can always be oriented towards the sun, which means that higher power output is possible and the camper or caravan can be in the shade while the module is set up in the sun.

Buy mobile solar panels for motorhome

If you’re looking for mobile solar panels for your RV, you’ve come to the right place at Mobisun. Within the Mobisun mobile solar panels and product bundles, there is a suitable solution for every RV owner.