Product bundles Mobisun

In the world of portable power solutions, Mobisun offers a wide range of product bundles perfect for adventurers, travelers and anyone always on the go. These product bundles, available on Mobisun’s website, offer a convenient and efficient way to meet all your portable energy needs. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Mobisun’s product bundles and why they are the ideal choice for powering your adventures.

Easy and complete solutions:

Mobisun’s product bundles are put together to meet all your energy needs. Whether you’re looking for a source of power for your camping gear, a portable power bank for your smartphone, or even a complete power solution for your mobile office, the product bundles have it all. Mobisun’s product bundles include a full range of products that are seamlessly matched and ready to use.

High quality and reliability:

Mobisun is known for its high-quality products and reliable performance. The product bundles are composed of carefully selected products that meet Mobisun’s strict quality standards. Whether it’s portable solar panels, powerbanks or other accessories, you can trust that the products are durable and robust. This allows you to enjoy your adventures without worrying about charging your devices.

Flexibility and modularity:

One of the biggest advantages of Mobisun’s product bundles is the flexibility and modularity they offer. Thus, you can often use Mobisun’s portable solar panels for multiple products. Or in the case of the Mobisun Pro, add additional solar panels to generate more power. Thus, the product bundles mostly allow you to adapt your energy solution to any situation.

Cost savings:

By choosing a product bundle instead of buying individual products separately, you can save significantly on your purchase costs. Mobisun offers attractive prices and discounts for their product bundles, allowing you to get valuable energy solutions at an affordable price. Moreover, you save time and effort in searching for the right combination of products, because Mobisun has already done this for you.


Mobisun’s product bundles are the ideal choice for anyone looking for high-quality, reliable and flexible portable power solutions. With these bundles, you get a complete and convenient solution for all your energy needs, while also saving costs. Whether you’re camping, traveling or working in remote locations, Mobisun’s product bundles will help you stay connected and energized at all times.

Below we will take a closer look at Mobisun’s different bundles and show how useful they are for mobile power generation. Discover the benefits of the solar power bank and how these products can enrich your life.

Mobisun 60W solar panel + laptop power bank bundle

This bundle includes a 60W solar panel and a laptop power bank. The solar panel is designed to efficiently convert sunlight into usable energy, while the laptop power bank offers enough capacity to charge your laptop several times. This is an ideal combination for digital nomads and adventurers who are often on the go and want to use their laptops without worrying about finding an outlet.

Mobisun 60W solar panel + 200W power bank bundle

For those who need more power, the bundle with the 60W solar panel and the 200W power bank offers a great solution. This combination allows you to charge not only your laptop, but also other electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and cameras. Whether you’re on a long camping trip or spending a day at the beach, this bundle ensures you always have enough power to stay connected.

Mobisun 60W solar panel + 72,000mAh / 266Wh / 150W Outdoor Powerbank Bundle

For adventurers who need a robust and durable power solution, the bundle with the 60W solar panel and the 72,000mAh/266Wh/150W outdoor powerbank is ideal. This powerful bundle can not only charge your devices, but also provides enough energy to power small devices such as a cooler or camping lamp. With its portability and high capacity, this bundle is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay off-grid for longer periods of time.

Mobisun 100W solar panel + 72,000mAh / 266Wh / 150W Outdoor Powerbank Bundle

This bundle combines the 100W solar panel with the same 72,000mAh/266Wh/150W outdoor powerbank, resulting in even more power and efficiency. Whether you’re on a multi-day trek or attending an off-grid event, this bundle will provide you with the energy you need to charge your devices and continue your adventure.

Mobisun Pro power station + foldable 60W solar panel bundle

For those who need a powerful power bank solution with a higher capacity, the bundle with the Mobisun Pro power station and foldable 60W solar panel offers the solution. The Pro powerstation gives you enough power to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and the foldable solar panel allows you to keep the powerstation powered by solar energy on the go.

Mobisun Pro power station + foldable 100W solar panel bundle

This bundle is similar to the previous one, but with the more powerful foldable 100W solar panel. This means you can collect solar energy even faster and more efficiently to power your Mobisun Pro power station. This bundle is ideal for people who need a significant amount of power during extended outdoor adventures or even as a small backup supply at home.

Portable power generator 1484Wh + 2x foldable 100W solar panel bundle

For those looking for even more power and autonomy, the bundle with the 1484Wh portable power generator and two foldable 100W solar panels offers an impressive power supply. This combination can power large appliances such as refrigerators, televisions and power tools. Ideal for extended camping trips, construction projects in remote locations and emergency situations where a reliable power source is vital.

Portable power generator 3000Wh + 2x foldable 300W solar panel bundle

The ultimate bundle for those who want unlimited power anywhere, anytime. With the 3000Wh portable power generator and two collapsible 300W solar panels, you are guaranteed a huge amount of energy. This is ideal for professional users, large events or in emergency situations where extensive power is required.


Mobisun offers a wide range of product bundles for mobile power generation using solar energy. Whether you want to power a laptop, smartphone, cooler or even larger devices, there is a bundle to suit your needs. With the power of the sun and the portability of Mobisun’s powerbanks and power stations, you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery again during your adventures. Invest in a solar power bank today and experience the convenience and freedom of mobile power generation.