Discover Mobisun’s Handy Accessories for the Road

Mobisun, a leading brand in portable solar panels and powerbanks, offers a wide range of accessories to make your experience on the go even more convenient. These accessories are specially designed to work seamlessly with Mobisun’s mobile solar panels and powerbanks. Let’s take a look at some of these handy accessories.

One of the standout accessories is the portable refrigerator/freezer. With a capacity of 95 liters and a built-in compressor, this camping refrigerator can reach temperatures as low as -20℃. Whether you’re on your way to a camping adventure, a beach day or a long road trip, this refrigerator will keep your food and drinks fresh and chilled.

To ensure that your refrigerator/freezer is always powered, Mobisun also offers a battery specifically designed for this device. With this battery, you can plug in the refrigerator/freezer and power it even if you don’t have access to a power outlet or if you are on the road.

Another handy accessory is the Solar Arc USB lighter. This lighter uses solar power and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you want to light a campfire or light a candle, this lighter is always ready for use, no matter the weather conditions.

For charging your electronic devices, Mobisun has the USB-C Charger Power Adapter 61W. This adapter delivers fast and efficient power to your USB-C devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. With its compact size and high power, this is an ideal travel companion.

For carrying all your Mobisun equipment and accessories, there is the 60 liter Backpack / Army Bag. This rugged and durable bag offers enough space to store your solar panels, powerbanks and other supplies. Whether you’re camping, hiking or traveling, this bag makes it easy to carry and organize everything.

In addition, Mobisun offers various cables, such as the MagSafe DC cables for MacBook users and the GX16 to DC, MC4 and XT60 cables for connecting various devices and accessories.

With these handy accessories from Mobisun, you’ll always be well prepared for your adventures on the road. Whether it’s cooling your food, charging your electronics or organizing your equipment, Mobisun has the right accessories for you. Explore the range today and make your outdoor experience even easier and more enjoyable.