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Enjoy adventurous freedom with waterproof outdoor powerbanks from Mobisun

Have you ever been on the road and suddenly run out of power on your phone, tablet or other electronic devices? We’ve all experienced how frustrating that can be. But don’t worry, because Mobisun has the perfect solution for you: waterproof outdoor powerbanks. These powerful devices are designed to take your mobile power generation to the next level wherever you are, even in the most challenging outdoor conditions.

Mobisun offers a wide range of waterproof powerbanks designed to meet the needs of adventurers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at some standout models that will amaze you with their performance and durability.

Waterproof Outdoor Powerbank 20,000 mAh | Mobisun

This power bank is truly a beast! Not only is it waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, but it also has a high energy content of 20,000 mAh (74Wh). With this power bank, you can charge your iPhone as many as 5 times, a Samsung Galaxy 4 times and an iPad 2 times. This makes him the ideal partner and even a life saver during outdoor activities.

With Mobisun’s Smart Technology, the powerbank automatically recognizes connected USB devices and generates the highest possible charging rate. Moreover, it features two USB-A outputs with a combined output of 5V/3A and one USB-C output of 5V/3A. The rugged design ensures that the power bank can withstand rugged conditions.

You can charge the waterproof powerbank via Mobisun’s 30W portable solar panel. This allows you to charge the power bank directly via the sun in only about 6 solar hours. The built-in strong flashlight with flash and SOS function makes this powerbank even more versatile.

The waterproof power bank comes with a micro-USB and USB-C charging cable, an instruction manual, a 12-month warranty and helpful customer service. In addition, the power bank features multiple protections against short circuit and overload. You can be confident that your devices are safely charged. The power bank is made of durable industrial materials and is CE, FCC and RoHS certified.

So if you’re looking for a compact but powerful powerbank that can withstand the elements, Mobisun’s 20,000 mAh Waterproof Outdoor Powerbank is for you. With a capacity of 20,000 mAh, you can charge your smartphone, tablet or other devices several times before having to recharge the power bank itself. The waterproof housing ensures that you don’t have to worry about rain, splashes or dust. So you can confidently enjoy your adventures, even in rugged environments.

Not only is this power bank waterproof, it also has convenient features such as an integrated flashlight and a dual USB port so you can charge multiple devices at once. Whether you are a weekend camper or an adventurer who likes to go off the beaten path, this power bank will not disappoint.

72,000 mAh / 266Wh / 150W Outdoor Powerbank | Mobisun

If you are looking for a very complete outdoor powerbank, the 72,000 mAh waterproof powerbank from Mobisun is the right choice for you. With the latest battery and charging technology, this power bank offers an energy content of a whopping 72,000 mAh (266 Wh). The powerful 150W/12V car plug output allows you to power devices such as coolers, fishing accessories, lights and drone batteries.

This power bank is also suitable for charging laptops with the included adapters and MacBook cables (MagSafe 1 and 2). The 60W USB-C PD output allows you to charge both phones and laptops. Moreover, you can charge your phone wirelessly on the power bank with the built-in wireless charging function. Simply place your Qi-compatible phone on the power bank and it automatically starts charging.

This power bank is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, making it perfect for outdoor adventures, camping, hiking, and more. The rugged design ensures that the power bank will last a long time and can take a beating.

The Mobisun 72,000 mAh waterproof power bank has an LCD display that shows battery level and charge status, so you always know exactly how much power is still available. The built-in flashlight also provides you with a handy source of light during dark moments.

This power bank comes with an AC charger, a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-C to Lightning cable and several laptop adapters. It is equipped with multiple protections, such as overload, overheat and short-circuit protection, to ensure that your devices are safely charged.

So the waterproof power bank is ideal for longer camping or fishing trips where you may not have access to the power grid. With an impressive 72,000 mAh capacity, you can charge your phone up to 50 times before the power bank itself needs to be recharged.

This waterproof outdoor power bank is built to withstand the most demanding conditions. Whether it rains, snows or the sun shines brightly, this power bank won’t let you down. With a 12V DC output of 150W, you can power even small electrical devices such as laptops, cameras and portable coolers. It is the perfect companion for serious adventurers who always want to stay connected wherever they go.

Mobisun is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. When you purchase the waterproof powerbank, you get a 12-month warranty and can count on the support of the helpful Mobisun team.

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, camping by the lake or going on an adventure in the wilderness, Mobisun’s waterproof powerbanks provide you with the energy you need wherever you are. Charge your devices and always stay connected, even in the most challenging environments.

Combine with the Mobisun Portable Solar Panels for Ultimate Portable Energy

What makes these power banks even more convenient is that they can be paired with Mobisun’s mobile or portable solar panels. This allows you to generate your own power wherever the sun shines and charge your devices without relying on an outlet. Mobisun offers two great bundles that allow you to get the most out of your adventures:

Complete bundle of the 20,000mAh / 74Wh Waterproof Powerbank and the matching 30W Mobisun solar panel.

Imagine a bright summer day, a beautiful hike through nature and no worries about charging your electronic devices. Thanks to the complete bundle of the 30W Mobisun Portable Solar Panel and the matching 20,000mAh / 74Wh Waterproof Powerbank from Mobisun, this adventure becomes a reality. This combination of powerful technology and portable convenience will change your travel experiences forever.

One of the most striking features of this bundle is the waterproof power bank. Whether you’re going on an exciting whitewater adventure or just relaxing by the pool, this power bank can handle any challenge. The shockproof, dust- and waterproof casing ensures that your devices remain safe, even in the harshest environments. With the 20,000mAh capacity, you can charge multiple devices while not having to worry about an outlet nearby.

The Mobisun powerbank features two USB-A outputs (5V/3A) and one USB-C output (5V/3A), allowing you to easily charge multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you want to charge your smartphone, tablet or wireless earbuds, this power bank provides fast and efficient energy transfer. The ability to fully charge the powerbank with the 30W portable solar panel in just 6 solar hours gives you a sense of freedom and independence.

But this power bank is more than just an energy source. In case of emergency, the built-in flashlight can show you the way. With its powerful beam, flash and SOS function, it provides much-needed peace of mind during adventures in the dark. Whether you’re taking an evening hike or looking for a camping spot, this power bank is your reliable companion.

The 30W portable solar panel in this bundle is compactly foldable and features an adjustable stand system for optimal sun positioning. You can easily attach the solar panel to your backpack or place it in a sunny spot to take full advantage of the solar energy. The USB-A and USB Type-C connectors on the charge controller allow you to directly charge devices or power the power bank. The lightweight design of the entire set, only 1.2 kg, makes it easy to carry wherever your adventure takes you.

In short, with the complete bundle of the 30W Mobisun Portable Solar Panel and the 20,000mAh / 74Wh Waterproof Powerbank from Mobisun, you are always ready for adventure. Whether you’re hiking, camping or just spending a day at the beach, this waterproof power bank combined with the 30W portable solar panel ensures that you’ll never run out of power. Enjoy the freedom, convenience and peace of mind this bundle offers and make every moment a sunny adventure.

Complete bundle of the 72,000 mAh / 266Wh / 150W Waterproof Powerbank and the matching 60W portable solar panel from Mobisun.

Discover the ultimate combination for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts: Mobisun’s waterproof powerbank and portable solar panel. With a capacity of 72,000mAh, a power of 266Wh and an output of 150W, this waterproof powerbank is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. The matching 60W solar panel allows you to charge your power bank even when there is no outlet nearby.

One of the standout features of this waterproof power bank is its ability to be fully charged in just 4.5 solar hours using the 60W portable solar panel. This means you never have to worry about an empty power bank during your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping, hiking or taking a road trip, this power bank provides reliable and continuous power.

The waterproof power bank features a convenient 150W/12V car plug, allowing you to connect and charge devices such as coolers, compact stoves and other electronic devices. With a 70W DC output and eight adapters, you can also charge your laptop effortlessly. No more fussing with different adapters and cables, because this power bank has everything you need.

In addition, the waterproof powerbank features a 60W USB-C PD output, allowing you to charge both your phone and laptop. With this power bank, you are always connected, even in the most remote areas. The 60W portable solar panel is designed with an adjustable stand system, allowing you to easily position the panel for optimal sun exposure. This ensures that you always have enough solar energy to charge your power bank.

The compact foldable 60W portable solar panel is a handy addition to your kit. It takes up little space and is easy to carry. Moreover, the solar panel has both a USB-A and a USB Type-C (45W) connection, so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

The total set, including the power bank and solar panel, weighs only 3.9 kg. This makes it a lightweight option that you can easily carry during your adventures. With the two way charging feature, you can not only charge your laptop using the power bank, but also charge the power bank itself using the power of the sun. This makes the set extra versatile and efficient.

As icing on the cake, the GX16 adapter is included, which allows you to easily connect the solar panel to the power bank. With this complete bundle, you are fully prepared for any outdoor adventure. Explore nature without worrying about a dead battery. Mobisun’s waterproof power bank and portable solar panel will give you reliability and convenience wherever you go.

In short, with Mobisun’s waterproof power bank and matching 60W portable solar panel, you’re always supplied with power, even in the most remote places. With impressive specifications, lightweight design and convenient features such as two way charging and multiple connectivity options, this set is a must-have for any adventurer. Be prepared and enjoy endless adventures with Mobisun’s reliable power supply.


With Mobisun’s waterproof outdoor powerbanks, you no longer have to worry about a dead battery during your adventures in nature. Whether you’re going camping, fishing or just spending a day at the park, these powerbanks offer the perfect solution for charging all your electronic devices. The rugged construction and waterproof features make them withstand the harshest environments, while the different capacities meet the needs of both light and prolonged adventures.

Combine them with Mobisun’s high-quality solar panels and you have the ultimate portable energy solution. Generating your own power has never been easier, no matter where you are. With Mobisun, you are always ready for the next adventure without worrying about a dead battery.

So get outside, explore the world and enjoy your adventures while Mobisun provides you with the power you need. With their waterproof outdoor powerbanks and portable solar panels, you are always connected and ready for new experiences.