Portable Solar Power Generator/Accu | Portable Socket 230V / 1800W / 3000Wh | Mobisun


always and everywhere power at hand with this 1800W battery with 230V socket
charging via grid power or solar panels
output 1800W continuous
energy content/battery capacity: 3000 Wh
230V (pure sine wave)
durable lithium-ion battery technology
easy wheeled suitcase model (25 kg)
ideal for outdoor use
chargeable with 2 x 300W Mobisun solar panels
suitable for all electrical appliances up to 1800W
peak power 3600W
multiple security
Simultaneously charge AC, DC and USB devices
2 x AC output
2 x USB output
two-pole 48V/30A connection for 48V outboard motors (ideal for sloops and electric motorboats)
1 x DC output (DC 12V/10A: cigarette lighter output).

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