What is a power bank and which power bank do you need?

What is a power bank?

A power bank is an external (emergency) battery for charging mobile devices. With a power bank, you can use portable energy anywhere, anytime. A charged external battery always offers you a backup when your cell phone or tablet runs out of power. Which power bank is best for you read here.


Is it power bank or power bank?

External battery, also called power bank, is written differently by many. Some write the word together and others put a space between power and bank. Actually, it doesn’t matter at all since the product is exactly the same. Some search on powerbank and others with a space in between. That’s why many companies use both combinations in descriptions and advertisements.


How would we describe the power bank in a short text?

The power bank is a portable battery or battery pack that you can use to charge mobile devices such as your smartphone, tablet or Go-pro without the use of an electrical outlet. The power bank is a handy gadget that allows you to use and recharge your mobile devices in the most remote places in the world.


What types of external batteries (power banks) are there?

The external battery has skyrocketed in popularity and functionality in recent years. The technical features of a power bank give you more and more options that mean you no longer need a power outlet for everyday use of mobile devices and even laptops. For example, there are various sizes of solar chargers that convert the power of the sun into energy for charging your device. There are also outdoor powerbanks aimed specifically at the adventurous. These portable batteries are usually waterproof, have a sturdy casing and feature a carabiner or compass. Then there are laptop powerbanks that you can use to charge your Macbook or laptop. Finally, there are Quick Charge chargers. These have unique technical features that allow you to charge your mobile devices in no time.


What should I look for when buying a power bank?

Are you planning to purchase a power bank, also known as a portable charger? Then you need to pay attention to some specific points. You may also be able to shop the power bank at a nice discount. Below we give you some tips on what to look for when buying a portable charger.


1. What device do you want to use a power bank for?

A different kind of power bank can be used for each device you want to charge. A laptop or tablet requires a different kind of charger than a smartphone or Go-pro action camera. Decide in advance which devices you want to buy a power bank for and then look for the appropriate model.


2. How much capacity do I need?

The next question after point 1 is the capacity you need to charge your mobile devices. Each power bank features a different capacity that is displayed in mAh. The more mAh, the more often you can charge a device. However, it is important to know how much power your own device has. After that, it’s simple arithmetic to figure out how many times you can charge a device with your power bank. For example: a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has 2,100 mAh of capacity and I charge it with a 10,000 mAh power bank, I can charge my smartphone at least 4 times provided the power bank is fully charged.

3. How sustainable do you want it to be?

Using a power bank is sustainable because you don’t have to use an outlet to charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop. However, of course, the power bank itself needs to be recharged at some point and that in turn takes power. So the power bank is economical but not yet fully sustainable. A solar power bank, on the other hand, is indeed durable. A mobile solar panel, also called a solar power bank, gets its energy from the sun and uses it to charge your mobile devices. So there is no more need for an outlet and power, the sun is the only source needed.


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