The ultimate experience of freedom with the Mobisun portable solar panel

The ultimate experience of freedom…

Being on the road, getting to know other cultures, being connected in nature. In the trips I have made and continue to make, these are core elements that give me satisfaction and make me taste for more…This time, the plan was to hike the GR20, Europe’s most challenging hiking trail, on the island of Corsica (France). A hike of 16 stages, over many mountain peaks above 2500m. The route was even named the most beautiful route in the world by Lonely Planet.

Mobisun mobile solar panel in Corsica

With some hiking experience in my legs from treks to Santiago de Compostela, I thought I was well prepared…. However, this trek went beyond many limits for me compared to the experiences so far. The mountains, the views, the violent ascending and descending with full packs on my back, at least 7-11 hours of walking in a day to reach the next place, the mountain huts, no electricity, only cold water, sleeping under a starry sky without a tent….. I have never felt so close to nature. As if I became part of it. Life slows down, you get to the essence of things. And then when you almost finish and stand on one of the last peaks and all the mountains of the previous stages seem like pyramids depicted on the horizon you feel the goosebumps forming on your arms and you feel the tears streaming down your cheeks. The realization that you have already left all those peaks behind you. The hard, long running days that you are now shown as a gift and accomplishment like an insane spectacle of natural elements strung together. The landscape as the backdrop of life, the peaks, the valleys, but above all the perspective with which you are rewarded. It overwhelms.

Mobisun mobile solar pool panel

The bag I ran with was around 12 pounds including 2 liters of drinking water. I knew every item in my bag, which I grabbed very deliberately. The meals, the shoes, the clothes that must be both light and warm. It is the pursuit of optimal comfort during your trip, in the minimum possible weight. For this reason, during my travels, I like to use materials that increase my comfort and enhance my travel experience. Due to the lack of power for 16 days, I wanted to use a lightweight solar panel for charging my smartphone. The reason why I wanted to be able to charge my phone was because it functioned not only in case of emergency (if there was range), but also as a camera, notebook, GPS, compass and in addition contained the maps I might need during the trip. So I chose the 6.5 watt panel from Mobisun (successor is now he 30W panel) with a battery. Mobisun ‘s solar panel is a thin panel, lightweight and includes both carabiners and suction cups to allow the panel to be used in any position or environment. During my trip, the panel was attached to my backpack. During the running days, I was able to generate my own solar energy. Recharge on the power of nature, in dazzling surroundings. Feeling empowered with the minimal gear you have with you. The trip produced energy on all levels!

Mobisun usb solar panel

With another great experience richer, after the necessary relaxation I headed back to my home port.

I am brooding on a new adventure.

Margreet Christia
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