Mobisun Pro Ultra: The Ultimate Portable High Power Solution for Disaster Management

Mobisun introduces the Mobisun Pro Ultra, a robust and powerful portable solution for energy needs during emergency situations.

This compact mobile solar panel with power outlet, with similar dimensions to the Mobisun Air and Mobisun Max and weighing 16 kg, offers a continuous VAC output of 2,000W (4,000W peak) and an NMC battery capacity of 2,100Wh.

The Pro Ultra can be easily charged via the integrated 33W solar panel, making it indispensable in disaster and emergency situations.

Use Cases for Different Stakeholders with the Mobisun Pro Ultra

Disaster Management Directors:

  • Emergency communication systems: Use the Mobisun Pro Ultra to power emergency communication systems. The powerful output of 2000W allows multiple devices such as satellite phones, radios and emergency computers to be charged and used simultaneously.
  • Emergency Shelter and Medical Facilities: Power emergency shelters and medical facilities in remote disaster areas with the Pro Ultra. The large battery capacity of 2,100Wh ensures continuous operation of essential medical equipment such as ventilators and defibrillators.
  • Essential Equipment: Operate essential equipment such as lighting, refrigeration and medical devices during disaster relief operations with the Mobisun Pro Ultra, which can handle even heavy equipment thanks to its peak power of 4000W.

Emergency and First Responders:

  • Communications equipment: Use the Mobisun Pro Ultra to charge communications equipment, drones and other electronic devices in the field. High capacity and output ensure that critical communication channels remain operational at all times.
  • Mobile Command Centers: Power mobile command centers and temporary emergency stations with the Pro Ultra. The 2000W output is enough to power computers, lighting and communication equipment simultaneously.
  • Hand Tools and Equipment: Recharge batteries for hand tools and equipment used in rescue operations. The Mobisun Pro Ultra’s portability and powerful output make it ideal for use in the field.

Earthquake (Seismologists), Hurricane, and Flood Specialists:

  • Monitoring Devices: Power remote monitoring devices for early detection and assessment of natural disasters with the Mobisun Pro Ultra. The ability to connect equipment with high power requirements allows for continuous monitoring.
  • Communication systems: Maintain communication systems in affected areas with the Pro Ultra to facilitate coordination and response. The robust battery provides long-lasting power without interruptions.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Company equipment for data collection and analysis in disaster-prone regions with the Mobisun Pro Ultra. The high peak power allows multiple data collection devices to operate simultaneously.

Infrastructure Managers:

  • Solar lighting solutions: Implement solar lighting solutions for disaster-prone infrastructure such as bridges, roads and evacuation routes with the Mobisun Pro Ultra. The integrated solar panel option provides a renewable energy source.
  • Critical Infrastructure: Use the Mobisun Pro Ultra to maintain the functionality of critical infrastructure during power outages due to disasters. The high output is suitable for powering pumps, ventilation systems and other essential infrastructure components.
  • Recovery plans: Integrate solar systems such as the Pro Ultra into disaster recovery plans to ensure continuity of operations. Its portability and robust capacity make it ideal for quick and efficient recovery.

Global Head of Sustainability:

  • Sustainable Solutions: Promote the adoption of renewable energy solutions such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra to reduce the carbon footprint in disaster response. The unit’s solar charging capability supports green initiatives.
  • Sustainability initiatives: Support initiatives that integrate sustainable practices into disaster management strategies by using the Pro Ultra’s robust and environmentally friendly energy solutions.
  • Technology Integration: Advocates the integration of renewable energy technologies such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra into disaster preparedness and recovery plans. The efficient solar charging capability promotes sustainability.

Head of Environment & Waste:

  • Waste management solutions: Implement solar-powered waste management solutions for disaster-affected areas with the Mobisun Pro Ultra to reduce environmental impact. Large battery capacity ensures continuous operation of waste management facilities.
  • Recycling Facilities: Use the Pro Ultra to power recycling facilities and waste treatment plants during emergencies. The high power supports heavy industrial equipment.
  • Solar compactors: Promote the use of solar-powered compactors and waste disposal systems in disaster relief operations with the Mobisun Pro Ultra for efficient and environmentally friendly waste disposal.

Head of Procurement:

  • Procurement for Emergency Response Teams: Purchase the Mobisun Pro Ultra for disaster response teams to ensure reliable power in remote areas. Its rugged performance and durability make it a valuable addition to emergency kits.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Look for sustainable energy solutions such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra for emergency kits and disaster relief supplies, which provides reliable and environmentally friendly energy sources.
  • Supply chains: Work with renewable energy suppliers to establish supply chains for portable solar panels such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra in disaster management, ensuring constant availability of renewable energy resources.

Head of Product Management & Marketing:

  • Marketing campaigns: Develop marketing campaigns that highlight the reliability and versatility of the Mobisun Pro Ultra in disaster scenarios. Focus on the powerful performance and durability of the product.
  • Educational Material: Create educational material to raise awareness about the benefits of the Mobisun Pro Ultra in disaster preparedness, focusing on its environmentally friendly and powerful energy solutions.
  • Collaboration: Work with disaster relief organizations to tailor solar-powered solutions such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra to their specific needs, highlighting the product’s robustness and versatility.

Head of Waste Management:

  • Waste compactors: Integrate solar-powered waste compactors and recycling systems into disaster recovery efforts with the Mobisun Pro Ultra, providing efficient and sustainable waste disposal.
  • Sustainable Management: Implement sustainable waste management practices in disaster-affected areas with the Pro Ultra, which provides reliable power for continuous operation.
  • Innovation: Explore innovative ways to reduce waste generation during disaster relief operations through solar-powered solutions such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra, which provides powerful and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Head of Culture and Environment:

  • Cultural Significance: Promote the cultural significance of adopting renewable energy solutions such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra in disaster management by emphasizing sustainability and environmental protection.
  • Community initiatives: Support community-led initiatives that use solar energy such as the Pro Ultra to increase environmental resilience in disaster-prone areas, and promote the use of renewable energy.
  • Policy advocacy: Advocate for policies that encourage the use of renewable energy technologies such as the Mobisun Pro Ultra in disaster preparedness and recovery, and emphasize the benefits of the powerful and sustainable energy supply.

Ideal for Disasters and Emergencies

The Mobisun Pro Ultra is designed to function as an ultimate tool in emergency situations when the power is out.

Here are some reasons why the Ultra is a crucial addition to your disaster preparedness toolkit:

  • High Power and Capacity: With a continuous output of 2000W and a peak of 4000W, the Mobisun Pro Ultra can power even the most demanding devices, from medical equipment to heavy household appliances.
  • Large Battery Capacity: The 2,100Wh NMC battery offers long battery life, allowing you to use essential devices for extended periods without the need for immediate recharging.
  • Solar Charging: The Ultra features an integrated 33W solar panel, allowing for easy and environmentally friendly charging even in remote areas without access to the power grid.

Benefits of the Mobisun Pro Ultra

  • Powerful Energy Source: Ideal for emergency situations where heavy equipment needs to keep working.
  • Self-Sufficient and Reliable: Independent of the power grid, with the ability to recharge via solar power.
  • User-friendly and Rugged: Easy to operate with an intuitive interface and built to function under extreme conditions.

With the Mobisun Pro Ultra, you are optimally prepared for any situation where power failure could be a problem. This portable powerhouse is an indispensable part of any emergency kit, keeping you self-sufficient and resilient no matter the circumstances. Whether you are dealing with a natural disaster or a prolonged power outage, the Mobisun Pro Ultra gives you the peace of mind that you will always have access to the power you need.

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