Mobile power in Guatemala: Interview with Don Juas Tos Chub

Adicay is an aid organization in Guatemala that provides better living conditions for local people. Projects carried out by Adicay are based on cutting costs to save for medicine and education. Sustainable resources are used to ensure this. The Mobisun mobile solar panels were also able to contribute. Don Juan Tos Chub received a double Mobisun panel with 5W LED lamp and 10A power bank through Adicay in the person of César Caal (left).

Don Juan Tos Chub
Meet Don Juan Tos Chub, resident of the poor community of Se’Balam in Guatemala. As village chief, he is responsible for collecting the monthly fee for maintaining the water system in his community. Because Don Juan is highly regarded within his community, we provided him with a Mobisun solar panel package. Don Juan made sure that the entire village could enjoy the renewable energy from the Mobisun solar panels and powerbanks. Read the interview with Don Juan Tos Chub here after the village used the Mobisun gear for a month.


What was your experience?
Our lives have changed because of enlightenment. We save on the cost fuel and our health is improved because we no longer need petroleum lighting. Thank you very much for thinking of our family.

Why do you like the Mobisun?
It is very easy to use, charges with the sun’s energy and is easy to transport to where it is needed to be used.

Have you had any problems with the Mobisun and if so which ones?
No problems. It is very fun and easy. Very good.

Why are you so satisfied with the Mobisun?
We no longer need to use fuel in the home for lighting. It is very useful because it illuminates sufficiently. The children do their homework for as long as they want. Previously, they had to stop earlier to continue their homework the next morning (when it gets light again).

How much do you save on candles or fuel?
1 liter of fuel costs us Q10.00 and we do 15 days with that. So we are now saving Q20.00 a month. We use fuel (petroleum) because it is cheaper than candles.

How much do you save by charging your phone?
Every three days the battery was dead and I had to go to Santo Domingo Actela. It saves me Q30.00 per month in charging fees. Moreover, we save time (at least 3 hours total) because we no longer have to walk to Santo Domingo Actela.

What are the advantages of the Mobisun?
We now have light throughout the house. We can now organize activities in the evening when we don’t have time to do so during the day. That’s easier. It saves us time and money. It also improves our health, because already we do not inhale the smoke and soot fumes of the petroleum.

Thank you very much for the gift. This certainly helps us, as well as other families from communities where there is no electricity, such as Senahu and Alta Verapaz.

Many thanks to Ayuda Maya.
Juan Tos Chub

We are pleased that the Mobisun mobile solar panels, powerbanks and LED lights can make a difference in the lives of poor people in villages where electricity is scarce. We will continue our efforts to help these people with our Mobisun portable solar panels.


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