Laptop notebook or MacBook charging with a power bank? No problem!

Charging your Macbook or Laptop with a power bank has never been easier!

Do you own a laptop or Macbook and find lugging around an adapter cable so annoying too? Then this is the ideal solution for you! With this
laptop powerbank
you can charge your laptop or Macbook anywhere and anytime at your convenience. Through the DC output that can provide 12V, 16V or 20V, you can connect a laptop or Macbook to charge it. For the Macbook, special Magsafe 1 and Magsafe 2 cables included with the power bank. Charge your Macbook or Laptop up to 4 times with our
40,000 mAh Laptop Powerbank


Many more opportunities
With Mobisun’s laptop powerbanks, much more is possible than just charging your laptop or Macbook. Thus, you can also use the power bank to charge your smartphone, tablet or video camera. With our
20,000 mAh laptop power bank
it is possible to charge your smartphone up to 8 times. With the
40,000 mAh laptop power bank
this is even more frequent, up to 15 times.
The ideal combination
Are you on the road a lot and still want to be able to use your Macbook or laptop? Then this portable usb laptop Macbook charger is ideal to use. Of course, the power bank itself needs to be recharged from time to time. You can easily do this through an electrical outlet or a Micro-USB cable. But what could be easier than charging it on the go with the
Mobisun mobile solar panel
. The power of the sun then causes your
Macbook power bank
charged. The lightweight solar panel is easy to carry and provides more than enough energy to charge your power bank.
Limitless possibilities
Prevent your Macbook or laptop from failing during an important meeting or assignment with these powerful laptop powerbanks. The
laptop powerbanks from Mobisun
are new on the market and offer you limitless possibilities. With a Macbook powerbank from Mobisun, you can use your laptop or Macbook anywhere in the world!

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