Is a power bank waterproof?

Can I use my power bank during a downpour?

Do you like to take a power bank with you on your way to work or on a hike in the tropical rainforest of South America? In either situation, it is possible that you will suffer from a heavy rain where you will get soaked. So can you still use a handy power bank in this situation? The answer to that question is; YES!

With a waterproof power bank, it is possible to use it without problems during a heavy rain or in humid (subtropical) environments. The waterproof power bank allows you to continue using your smartphone, tablet or GoPro action camera while there is no power source nearby. Accessibility to an emergency battery can be life-saving even in the most extreme circumstances. Just those few percent extra battery on your smartphone can make the difference between a phone call to civilization and a rescue or being completely isolated and on your own.


Which power bank can I use for that?

We at Mobisun support people in traveling, exploring nature and seeking adventure. That is why we have collected a special range of waterproof powerbanks. These powerbanks can all be found on our page. All powerbanks in this category are waterproof and ideal for your adventures in the jungle, high up on snowy mountain tops or during your daily rainy trip to work. These waterproof emergency batteries are ideal for the outdoorsman!


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