Find the best power bank

Phone charging
Charging your cell phone with a power bank is not that difficult. A power bank with a capacity of 1,500 mAh is already enough to charge your smartphone. Of course, this is not enough to do this multiple times without recharging the power bank. You can then charge the power bank with a mobile solar panel, for example, or purchase a power bank with more capacity. Your cell phone is easy to charge with a power bank that has a USB output. With a powerful power bank, it is even possible to charge your smartphone 5 times without recharging the power bank.

Tablet charging
To charge your tablet, we recommend a power bank with a capacity of more than 12,000 mAh. With such a powerbank(for example, our 20,000 mAh outdoor powerbank), your tablet is easy to charge and you can enjoy all the conveniences your tablet has to offer. A tablet, like the phone, is easily charged via a USB port in the power bank. Charging your tablet via a power bank can be simple, fast and very inexpensive. Just make sure that you purchase a high-quality power bank that can take a beating and in some cases is even waterproof, such as our outdoor power bank.

Laptop charging
Charging a laptop requires a power bank with a capacity above 15,000 mAh. With this capacity, you can charge the laptop in mostly only once before you have to charge the power bank itself. So a power bank with more capacity is recommended. A laptop can be charged with a power bank that has a DC output. We recommend this 40,000 mAh power bank because of its high capacity and because it can be connected to your laptop’s DC input of 12V, 16V or 20V.

Using power bank as an energy source
We at Mobisun develop high-tech solar panels and powerbanks. Our powerbanks can be connected to mobile solar panels and then power other devices. For example, consider our USB LED lamp that starts shining as soon as it is connected to the power bank. Also, our power banks can power electric lighters such as our high voltage ARC USB lighter. Thus, power bank discharge can be used for many purposes and are very popular is travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Powerbanks are not only a source of energy for cell phones, but can also be used for lighting or power other electronic devices.

So a power bank is more than just a charger. A combination of a power bank and a mobile solar panel sometimes even eliminates the need for an electrical outlet, and renewable energy can be used for all kinds of electronic devices.

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