Finally summer in the Netherlands. Enjoy with Mobisun’s portable power

Finally summer in the Netherlands. Enjoy with Mobisun!

We are already well into August and there the summer seems to be here. Where the Netherlands has had to wait for summer in recent weeks, sun lovers can’t believe their luck when looking at next week’s weather forecast. Temperatures well above 25 degrees and abundant sunshine. We at Mobisun wish you a lot of fun with the beautiful weather coming.

At the campsite, at the fishing pond or at the pool? Use Mobisun!
No matter where you are, with a Mobisun mobile solar panel you can make the most of the sun. Charge your smartphone, tablet, GoPro or other electronic device with a portable solar panel from Mobisun and have a full battery at all times. Whatever you do with your electronic devices, with the Mobisun mobile solar panel your battery is always filled with energy.

The new Mobisun Pro is a portable solar panel where the larger energy consumers can also be connected. Consider a mini-fridge, music box or other 220V device. The Mobisun Pro can also be used in the evening thanks to the built-in 256 Wh LiFePO4 battery that stores energy. This stored energy can be used to power electronsiche devices even in the dark!

Charging a power bank.
Our powerbanks feature the latest technologies that now allow you to charge your electronic devices even faster. However, a power bank also needs to be charged itself, and for that, a Mobile solar panel from Mobisun is optimal. Connect your power bank to the portable solar panel and charge it so it can be used again later in the day to charge your electronic devices. Our range features models ideal for your smartphone, such as this 10,000 mAh Quick Charge powerbank. You can also charge your laptop or Macbook with two powerbanks from our range. The most powerful is the 40,000 mAh laptop powerbank which comes with adapter plugs to connect it to any type of laptop.

Going outside with Mobisun.
Of course, with the nice weather, it’s a real shame if you stay inside because you’re afraid your smartphone or tablet will run out of power. Get out into the garden and hide among the hedera plants with a unique energy source. With the Mobisun mobile solar panels and powerbanks, you can carefree go outside and charge electronic devices during your activity. View our range of portable solar panels and power banks in our web shop. If you happen to be looking for an outdoor shower, check out the outdoor showers from

Solar panels on your roof? Get your roof in order with a roofing company. Or order your automatic satellite dish camper.

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