Electric boating with Mobisun: the ideal battery for your boat

In the world of electric boating, the combination of the Mobisun Portable Solar Generator with the Torqeedo Cruise Electric Motor offers an outstanding solution for renewable energy on the water.

With a cruising speed of 8 mph and an estimated cruising time of about 3 hours, this setup demonstrates its superiority in efficiency and durability.

A particularly practical application on board is the ability of the Mobisun generator to not only power the engine, but also to continuously power other appliances, such as a cooler.

This provides additional comfort and convenience during longer boating trips.

Additional Benefits of the Mobisun Portable Solar Generator for Use on the Boat

  1. Flexible Charging Options: The Mobisun unit can be charged via mains or solar power, which is particularly useful during long days on the water. This means you are not dependent on marine power supplies and the generator can be charged by solar panels even while sailing.
  2. Diverse Power Outputs: With multiple output options, including 2 AC mains power outputs, 2 USB ports and a 12V DC output, the Mobisun unit can power a variety of devices simultaneously. This makes it possible to charge navigation devices, smartphones, lamps and other essential devices at the same time.
  3. Portability and Mobility: The Mobisun generator is designed as a compact, wheeled case model weighing only 25 kg. This makes it easy to carry the generator on and off board, making it usable in locations other than just the boat.
  4. Durable Battery Technology:The lithium-ion technology used is known for its long life and high energy density. This means the generator requires less frequent recharging and provides a stable power supply, essential for reliability on long cruises.
  5. Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Efficient: By choosing a solar-powered solution, you reduce dependence on fossil fuels and avoid the cost of fuel for traditional generators. This makes the Mobisun an environmentally friendly choice that is cost-effective in the long run, especially given rising fuel prices.

The Mobisun Portable Solar Generator not only enhances the capabilities of the Torqeedo electric motor by providing a stable and long-term power source, but also increases the comfort and functionality of modern vessels.

Combining reliable power, versatility and durability, this generator is an essential addition for any boater who wants to make the most of their time on the water.