Can I pay with Bitcoins at Mobisun?

The rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoins are revolutionary, decentralized, neutral and voluntary. That is, there are no banks, governments or limits on the use of Bitcoins. Bitcoin is an online payment method accepted by more and more online stores, including The great advantage is that your transaction is passed directly from person to person, so there are no parties in between. No parties such as banks and governments that influence the cost of the transaction and pull down the value of the payment unit in the event of inflation. The Bitcoin= NO INFLATION!

The benefits of Bitcoins.

Bitcoins you send:
– Directly from person to person
– For next to nothing
– Immediately
– As anonymous as you like
– Almost as easy as sending an email
– Via the Internet
– Without the intervention of a bank or other agency.

The world’s first decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network was set up by people like you and me. Control of the money is handled by the Bitcoin network itself and therefore saves high fees that a bank or government would charge. Want to buy something on the other side of the world? No problem! Bitcoins allow you to complete a purchase, in a country where the currency is accepted, within minutes. The money is also transferred to the recipient’s Bitcoin Wallet within minutes. This saves time, money and frustration.

Money in the cloud.

Bitcoins can actually be thought of as money in the cloud. Instead of being in your bank account, your money is in a digital cloud that you can pay with anywhere in the world. Thus, when crossing a border, you do not have to pay additional fees. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and protect your privacy with high anonymity. Store your money securely and inexpensively in the Bitcoin Network cloud and enjoy the same payment method anywhere in the world!

Paying with Bitcoin on

It is possible to pay with Bitcoin in the webshop. Want to checkout the desired powerbank, laptop powerbank or mobile solar panel with your Bitcoin account? No problem at all. In the checkout of our website, you can choose the payment method Bitcoin. Would you like to know what other payment methods we accept? Then click here.

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