5 ways to apply a mobile solar panel

1. The mobile solar panel as a portable battery charger

Do you like to travel and preferably with a backpack? Then a mobile solar panel, also called a portable solar panel is ideal for you. In fact, the lightweight solar panels are easy to mount to your backpack and can provide an extra phone charger or power source for your empty power bank during your trip. Easily attach the mobile solar panel to your backpack and enjoy a sustainable source of energy as soon as the sun starts to shine.

backpacking with mobisun

2. Camping with a mobisun solar panel

Mobisun’s mobile solar panels are so easy to carry that they take up almost no space in your luggage. In addition, a portable solar panel has four mounting rings that can be attached to the tent with small carabiners. With a mobile solar panel, you always have a power source to charge your smartphone, tablet or actioncam at your own tent or on your outdoor rug.

Mobisun at the campsite

3. A mobile charging station in the snow, too

Do you enjoy going on winter sports and is accessibility very important to you? Then a mobile solar panel is the ideal solution. With a mobile solar panel on your back, it is possible to charge your phone while skimming down the slopes. The solar panel is super flexible so it won’t be a hindrance during the long ski trip and your phone is always charged for emergencies.

mobisun on winter sports

4. Charging your phone while working or exercising

There are times when you have forgotten to charge your phone or tablet before going to work or the soccer club. With a mobile solar panel from Mobisun, it is possible to charge your phone while working or exercising. Hang your mobile solar panel on the window or put it down on the windowsill. A mobile solar panel is also ideal for work that takes place outdoors. Place the panel in the grass and enjoy a durable phone charger. A mobile solar panel is also very useful for road safety. This allows you to charge your car’s rearview camera while on the road.

mobisun in the field

5. The ideal charger for long-distance travel

A faraway trip to the other side of the world or the location of your dreams may well cause you to run out of power. Not everywhere you have an electrical outlet, and moving from location A to location B quickly takes several hours. With a mobile solar panel, you can still enjoy a charger for your smartphone, tablet or camera when an outlet is not available. Enjoy a renewable energy source for charging your mobile devices in the world’s most beautiful locations.

mobisun in thailand

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